Non-invasive Electrical Neurostimulation for Sensory Feedback

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for the study: Non-invasive Electrical Neurostimulation for Sensory Feedback

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Ms. Aliyah Shell
Mr. Sathakumar

Goal of this Study:

The purpose of our research study, “Non-invasive Electrical Neurostimulation for Sensory Feedback”, is to investigate a transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation (TENS) approach for providing graded feedback of multiple sensory modalities.

For this study, participants will receive sensory stimulation from small stimulating electrodes on their limb skin that will gently stimulate (with electrical pulses) to provide sensory feedback to their hand or foot. Participants will be asked to report the characteristics of the sensations generated by the stimulation and discriminate between different types of stimulus profiles. Participants may be asked to control different devices such as a prosthetic hand or computer cursor for some of these tasks.

This research study may require participants to complete up to five experimental sessions of approximately 3 hours each, and will be compensated $40 for each session.

In order to be eligible to participate you will need to:

  • be between 18 and 60 years old,
  • be in good general health.

However, you will NOT be eligible for participation if you have:

  • a visual impairment that affects hand usage,
  • any neurological condition or pain that affects function of the limbs,
  • self-reported neuropathy
  • self-reported condition listed as a contraindication for transcutaneous electrical stimulation (i.e. pregnancy, epilepsy, lymphedema, or cardiac pacemaker)
  • any emotional, psychological or memory disorders,
  • or any history of heavy and frequent drug or alcohol abuse.

ANS Group- Non-Invasive Neurostimulation Handout (PDF)